Ok so my assignment was to write a poem with 3 quatrains and 1 couplet in iambic pentameter. I suck at poems but i came up with somthing at the end. Let me know how this sounds...

Spring break was great, but now its time to work
I take that back because i feel like it
I proudly say that with a great big smirk
and doing work at home is quite unfit

Its time to kick back in the house once more
Pick up my schecter and my favorite tab
My turn to say goodbye to household chores
Away with boring work like bio labs

Turn up the volume on my spider Amp
Crank out some classic heavy metal riffs
Perform a windmill headbang like a champ
Then end up doing stage dives off a cliff

But sadly in the end its all a dream
Stuck here tonight with this poetic theme...
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Why don't your write a haiku instead?

5 Your mother is fat.

7 She is rather large in mass.

5 Gravity loves her.
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are you sure the last bit is in iambic pentamiter, it doesn't seem to emulate human speech to me, google porphyria's lover thats a good example of iambic pentamiter

and also line 6 spider :P

Hey I have a question, in Julius Caesar, I noticed there was use of iambic pentamiter. I was actually absent during the class where we discussed it, and I was hoping mabye you could explain it to me.

I'd really appreciate it.
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iambic pentamiter im pretty sure is when text is used to recreate the natural human speech pattern, somthing like that, im a bit hazy but check google or somthing for a definate description

i rememebr we discussed something like how the upper class spoke poetically while hte lower class spoke in verses, does that relate to iambic pentamiter?