Hey guys just wanted some recommendations for some cheep wood to fill the holes in a guitar I'm modding. I'm wanting to fill the holes made by my pick-ups that i took out. So its quite large holes. So whats a cheap wood? Ash? I have no idea!

I need to know ASAP!
balsa wood
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I don't know if this helps, but I've had to fill a couple of holes in a hard wood floor some time ago. My brother gave me some kind of glue or resin that I had to mix with extra fine saw dust of the same wood type. I mixed it to a thick paste and filled the holes. Afterwards I sanded it smooth with sandpaper and put some varnish over it. Even I now have to look closely to find the spots.

If you're interested, I can find out what kind of glue it was. But I'm sure any good DIY store should carry something of the kind.
Might just go to the hardware store and find a nice dense wood... Thanks alot anyway guys.
I've never done anything of the sort, but I think the type of wood doesn't matter much. Just make sure it's glued in very well. Any vibrations might have a nasty resonating effect on the sound, much like a crack or loose screws can cause.

Keep us posted when you're finished please. This is the kind of project we might all learn from.
Yea taking photos!!! I'm painting black with blood spatter and doing the headstock aswell.
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+1 con the glue and sawdust, that would be toyr best bet if the holes are small enough. with that method there is no chance of it shaking around or coming loose or anything else like that happening, although the holes are probly to big. Be carfull with wood from a hardware store, it usualy isn't dry and will shrink and change shape over time.
I got a dry peice from under my house. And i'm filling the pick-up cavitys so it is a large hole. but will use woodfiller for gaps around the peice filling the hole.
ESP Eclipse-II VTB (With 18v Mod)
Randall RG75
Tapco Mix60
New Zealand
Sigh . . . filling gaps in wood should always be done with matching wood. Thems the rules in the repair shop. That being said, do it however you want.
Sincerely, Chad.
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