Hello, I have a Fender Stratocaster that I love and I want to buy a new guitar for maximum 1000$.
I want one wih a bigger sound and hotter than my strat, but I'm not shure if I need an humbucker, because I often find them too much powerful for my taste, so I'm thinking about p90s... are them hot enought to give me a valid alternative to my strat?
I like Jazzmasters a lot and I find them very comfortable and good looking, maybe because I'm used to play fender, but his pickups are not that powerful.
What do you think about replacing them with apposite p-90s or some modest humbuckers?
I'm kida purist with this things, so would that pickups work well with the jazzmaster, would they ruin his personality or just create something good!?

I play thrue some fuzzboxes, delays and a chorus, a Fender Blues Deluxe, searching for a vintage warm tone.
My generes are blues, psychedelic rock, funk, alternative rock, grunge, indie rock, but I also like hard rock as well, so? ;-)
Thanks a lot
Seymour Duncan make a good replacement set for the jazzmaster, guy in incubus uses them and gets a very distinct tone- should vary from a strat
I'd also look into some lower output humbuckers for a more vintage tone but still more balls then single coils. Just cause you have hum's in your guitar doesn't mean they have to be high output. Seymour Duncan makes some nice ones as well as I'm sure others do too
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i'd say go with Bareknuckle pickups as a replacement because tim will customize them to specs. they will be perfect he makes sure of that. just pm him
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