I usually play Ernie Ball 9's, but they aren't capable to do lower tunings like C standard without the high E snapping and the lower ones going up 14 steps with the tiniest bit of vibrato, so I think I need to move on.

Hopefully this wont be impossible, but I need some strings that can go to E Standard down to B or C Standard, and with a nice even range (not extremely bright, or not extremely bassy).

What about D'Addarios?
try a higher gauge of ernies maybe? but from what ive heard d'addarios are ment to be very good
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I use balls .12-.56 and I tune to C standard just fine. E standard might be a little tough to use with such thick strings but a little getting used to and increased finger strength isn't anything to shun.
D'Addarios are what I've been using for a while now, but I'm finally graduating from them. They seem to get that dull thudding tone way too fast. I tossed on a set of dunlops last week and so far they've stayed basically brand new, and I play around an hour or so a day at least. I vote for dunlop. Also, if you wanna go down to B, you should get a thicker gauge than 9's.
D'Addario is the best!! They are the only strings I use. They last for atleast 6 months and still sound good! (Unless I break a string, then I have to change it!)
I tune to C and use dean markeley vintage strings. You could get by with 10's but 11's would probably be a better gauge.
I use ernieball 11-54 perfect for C standard (but you might have to use thicker strings if you have a 24,75 scale guitar)
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I like DR Tite fit.
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