hey sorry im posting all over the forum again but im all confused, i have a question about record labels (i searched the forum but cudnt find this quest. or answei know what a record label is but i dont know what a band needs it for.
Do u need a record label to sell music and Albums??
I don't think you do and if you do you can just make your own right there on the spot. Prolly cost a bit to register it though.
No, copyright is free once something is made its automatically copywriten

what record labels do is sign u up, they promote record and distribute ur music for nothing, all they ask in return is a hefty profit,
oh, but if my band made an album (without a label) cud we still sellem in places like virgin megastores?
Hi thedefrockednun,

My answer to your first question would be: Yes. I think that there are 2 kinds of record labels in world. One is the Independent and the other is the Major label. Read this article thoroughly if you desire to know more details about what you are seeking: http://www.musicbizacademy.com/knab/articles/recorddeal.htm

Other than that, your goal is to market your band's music, right? My advice for you would be to first NEVER MARKET YOURSELF AS A BAND IF YOU ARE NOT OPERATIONALLY READY. Operations mean --- your own business plan and implementation plan:
1. Your written agreement with group members
2. If you hire a booking agent, what % of the booking fees (after expenses) are you going to give him or her?
3. Your own preparation checklists for going on the road: all public performance technical contracts, sound checks, etc.

A piece of advice:
Now all of these might sound daunting at first. But its just important things that the band needs to learn if you want to succeed in the music business. Don't give up or be dissapointed by the pressure. One just needs to work. If you love music and want to succeed give it all you've got!

Here are some site's which I think you should check out too:

* http://law.freeadvice.com/resources/articles/making_music.htm - The first step: The contract...

*http://law.freeadvice.com/intellectual_property/music_law/types_music_royalties.htm -About music Royalties

*http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/music-royalties.htm - How Royalties work

*http://www.score.org/template_gallery.html - Business plan for a start up business and much more!

http://www.saskrecording.ca/pdf/Marketing%20Plans.pdf - marketing plan template for recording artist

http://manymoods.com/FREE%20CONTRACTS%20AND%20MORE.htm - good website for FREE MUSIC CONTRACTS, FORMS & MORE.

http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/1816770-Software-Programs-Games - The RECORD LABEL BUSINESS PLAN - Start Your Own Succesful Music Company: an outline of what is needed (just skim through this part, because it can be overwhelming)

Take care,
Jose Daniel

If you have other questions, let me know. I'd be glad to help you out. But first please check out the sites that I have posted. And read them thoroughly.
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Quote by thedefrockednun
oh, but if my band made an album (without a label) cud we still sellem in places like virgin megastores?

Ah... here is one of those things that makes it really worthwhile to be on a label. A lot of retail chain stores will not stock you if you don't at least have a distribution deal. I don't know about Virgin, specifically, but I know that HMV here in Canada won't touch you without at least a distro deal.

And really.... can you blame 'em? Why in the world, really, would they stock my album, when I'm from near Toronto, in their Medicine Hat store? Who there has heard of me? Nobody. Am I touring there? Nope. Am I getting radio play there? Nope. All my CD is going to do is take up space there. Now, if I'm signed.... I said something about radio play....

Similarly.... most commercial radio won't show any real interest unless you're signed also. Sure, you can get campus and community radio, but as far as the industry is concerned, that mostly doesn't count. A bit of rotation on Edmonton's campus station still won't move CD's in Medicine Hat. Now.... if they were playing me on commercial radio.... that's another story!

The exception is that a few commercial radio stations will have a local spotlight / indie program. We were lucky enough to get played on our local corporate radio station on their indie program (about 10 min of air time altogether), because they interviewed us and played a song to help promote our CD release party. It was a cool experience and all, but it was basically a one-shot deal.

For a label, it is the access to the media, and the promotion/marketing/retail infrastructures that is hugely valuable. Sure, you can sell your CD worldwide through your website, but I'll refer you again to my Medicine Hat example. How will they know I exist without access to those infrastructures and media channels? To overgeneralize a bit, they won't know I exist.

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