does anybody know what would be the best pickup for van halen stuff? ive heard that you can get the same bucker thats on the frankenstein off seymour duncans website but i want to know what it is. thanks to any of those that can help
Well, assuming you have exactly the same rig as Eddie then the Seymour Duncan 78 Custom for Evenly Voiced Harmonics is arguably the way to go.

If you don't have exactly the same rig then there's other pickups you could look at to get you close.

Duncan Custom Custom
Dimarzio Norton
Bare Knuckle VH2
Something by Mojave (sorry, dunno models and too lazy to look!)

However, the secret to Eddies tone is arguably to use your amp as a distortion pedal - take a line out from your head and run that into your effects.
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