I noticed a huge difference between powering my boss sd1 with a battery or using a boss power supply.. (it sounded much louder, bigger, better with the battery((not a little tiny bit either massive difference))

Also noticed that all the pictures of pro pedal boards i have seen the pedals are battery powered

Has any body else noticed this and does it happen with all pedals wahs particularly things like delay that eat batteries??

or was this common knowledge and i wasnt paying enough attention??
My MT-2 sounds the same when its got a PSU or just a battery. However, the sound is ****e :P
For those who care.
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My boss pedals sound the same as well...
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You might just have a faulty pedal or psu, but its possible that if you're running other pedals off the same power supply you might get a reduction in the power going to that pedal. If thats the case though, it should just not work at all.
i have a stack of pedals and a couple of power supplies.. so this afternoon is going to be spent a/b ing power and batteries with every pedal i own...

the difference in the sd1 was as i said dramatic.. also it would be a good reason that the pros use batteries as a power supply is much easier

as far as i can tell the psu and pedal are working properly

(a psu is affected by all sorts of mains power transients and isnt perfect dc where as a battery is)
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Eric johnson only uses batteries for this very reason
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A good power conditioner usually brings the power supply up to par, but also note that running power supplies and daisy chains can still give you some interference and noise if you don't have quality cables on the board.
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9v adapters are regulated and give you almost exactly 9v...batteries will frequently put out a bit more than 9v. It's more likely the power thing that Kendall mentioned though. FWIW I only use batteries for the same reason, even though I have a power conditioner.
Pros use batt because they get em free. I remember alex lifeson said he would replace the batts in his stuff every show. Be pretty expensive for us to try that. But a batt will isolate a pedal from any outside sources. If you got something that doesnt eat batts not a bad thing. But alot of pedals are very hungry. I know my chorus/echo pedal likes em alot. The chorus side is analog and will go a while, but the digital echo side it gets 1 practice session and then the the echo quits due to lack of juice. Ive tried some rechargeable 9v but the energizer ones are junk. And cant find the good rayovac rechargeables again. If you got a noisy pedal try using batts and see if it helps.