Picked up one of these from a pawn shop yesterday for £245. I was originally looking at a MIM Tele but this caught my eye. I managed to get £50 knocked off it as it needs set up as there is a really bad problem with choking strings, action and undoubtedly, intonation. The neck seems to be okay though, and I'm sure once my cousin sets it up it will be a joy to play. The guitar otherwise is in great condition, with no dings or anything, but I don't know how old it is.

Do you think I made the right choice? Any good/bad experience with this guitar?

Also, I'm picking up my new amp today! Laney VC15!

Pics coming soon as I'm not at home til probably tomorrow.
I'd really like to help you out, but my opinion probably isn't worth much as this guitar is the only one I've ever owned (though I've played many others, to be sure).

In my experience, however, it's been really good for the price. I played my friend's $1000 Strat, and of course it sounded better, had an improved playability, etc., but I still feel that the ASAT Special does it's job and that the differences weren't terribly extreme. Here's what another UG user, Robbgnarly, had to say about it (in a response to my post "Is My G&L Tribute Asat Special Right for the Styles I Play?"): "The guitar is a good guitar much better than a Fender in that price range."
£245 would be like 9 grand in today's money.
Got it:
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