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Bolt on
142 40%
Set neck
89 25%
Neck thru
121 34%
Voters: 352.
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Bolt on. It's very much possible to have good access, and neck is easily repairable.

Plus I find sustain is less affected there than at the bridge level.
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why on earth would you prefer bolt on over neck tru or set? :S set neck all the way man

Weird, Satch, Vai and Gilbert don't seem to mind.
Set-neck is a good, happy medium between neck-thru and bolt-on.


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I own all 3 and I'm going bolt on for the convinience. With a bolt on you can change the neck if it gets damaged. with a set neck or a neck-thru, if that neck gets injured the guitar is done. I know there's the whole argument of "well be careful!" and I am, it's just some times **** happens, you know it does. also every set neck or neck thru I have ever played (or owned) has a bit too much thickness in the neck. I like a nice slim neck and only bolt ons have provided that so far.
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set neck for guitar, neck-thru for bass. bolt on for fender and danelectro. case closed.
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Usually a set neck, but I don't really mind.
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I like Neck Thru but neck pockets aren't really a selling point for me.

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I like bolt-on.

I've just played them almost exclusively for about 4 years and i'm so used to the neck access that I can reach any fret EASILY, even on a stratocaster. so i don't really notice a feel difference between bolt on and neck thru at all
bolt on all the way
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whats a set neck?

your question made me 'lol' for some reason...

anyway, its like bolt on, except totally different.

you have the neck that is still a totally separate piece that is attached to the body, but instead of having a bolt, its glued down RLY tight. it supposedly gives you a bit better sustain over bolt on. however, i personally dont see that much of a difference.

for me, i personally dont really care what neck it is, as long as the guitar is awesome. i guess you could say that i like bolt ons because all of my guitars have bolt on necks, but i also love me a good les paul too sooooo
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I don't know - I guess neck-thru because it's cleaner looking.
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Set or bolt-on, either suits me.

Neck-through, I really don't like. I've yet to find a neck-through guitar that actually did have significantly more sustain or higher fret access than it would have done if it was bolt-on or set neck, and a neck-through guitars is even harder to get repaired than a set neck. Neck-through also means more of the body wood is broken up, which if done poorly, is going to mean you'll be losing sustain and tone.

Set and bolt-on necks are equal to me. I've not found either to have better or worse fret access (though apparently I'm one of those 'weird' people that doesn't have any problems with fret access anyway, even on things like bolt-on Les Pauls), and sustain seems to vary wildly. Most of my set neck guitars have much more sustain than my bolt-ons, but my #1 guitar for sustain does in fact have a bolt-on neck. Set necks look nicer, but bolt-ons are easier to repair. So, overall, they're equal, I think.
I have all 3 kinds. And the set neck LP I have has less upper fret access than my bolt neck fenders. And I have a carvin neck thru thats never played right. So I ll take a bolt neck the heels can be sanded down to play higher and are alot easier to fix.
Bolt on.

I don´t see a that much of a difference in sustain to a neck-throu, and it´s easier to repair
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I prefer the set neck of my yamaha over the bolt on of my squier... Fret access is slightly better, sustain is a lot better, but that might also be because of the TOM bridge and string through body.
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I cant really tell the difference when playing, so I dont really care, unless its like the sg where you can reach teh last frets really easy...
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I haven't tried out any neck-thru guitars as far as I can remember, but out of the other two, I'd say set neck. The extra sustain is just great.
Nothing will give you access to the upper registers like a neck-thru. It feels really great plus you get a clean look and sustain for days.
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I've got two set necks, two bolt-ons and a neck through. Neck through is much more comfortable to play but bolt on generally sounds the best in my opinion.
Bolt on
Set neck

In that order.
Bolt on is just easier to replace and change, there can be great upper fret access and I see none of the cons others see.

Neckthrough can feel smoother on the upperfrets but would be a bitch to break.

Set neck has always felt a bit blocky with me.
I too have found the bridge to be the primary issue when dealing with sustain and therefore prefer bolt-on necks. If necessary I can have different necks with different profiles and/or different woods to suit my needs.
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Why do people worry about the neck or truss rod screwing up? I swear that some of you all must beat your guitars with sledgehammers or something. It's not that hard to keep a guitar in the case and take care of it.
Quote by robsayswhat
Why do people worry about the neck or truss rod screwing up? I swear that some of you all must beat your guitars with sledgehammers or something. It's not that hard to keep a guitar in the case and take care of it.
Accidents happen. I've had several neck breakages in just the last two years. I take great care of everything I own, but you can't guarantee that everything will always be fine. Things get bashed in transit, headstocks can get knocked easily on stage (whether by your or someone else), maybe you'll trip over something by accident and drop your one-of-a-kind custom-ordered ESP Custom Shop model (as I did.. bugger...).
I'm more concerned about needing a change.
If my Ibanez S was set or neckthrough I wouldn't be getting a custom neck made for her as we speak (well it's been ordered, i think the work will be starting in a few months?).

Bolt-on just widens your choices.
bolt on if i was on the road, just in case something happens
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I like the bolt on neck of my RG over the set neck of my Epiphone. The curvature of the heel and knowing that the neck is being fastened in place by nice thick bolts is satisfying.
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Just to add some interest to the discussion: For the Guild of American Luthiers, R.M. Mottola performed a study (with decent protocol, not fully scientific, it couldn't really be) and found that with all other factors equalized, his testers could not consistently hear any sustain difference between neck joint types but when they were machine measured bolt-on joints had the most sustain and neck-throughs the least. Some food for thought, that's all.

Me, I like the way bolt-on guitars sound. Sustain doesn't really ever bother me anyway; a well made/setup guitar through a decent rig will have more than you'll ever need.
set neck is way better quality
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Weird, Satch, Vai and Gilbert don't seem to mind.

They all like vintage designs. They have mentioned that themselves. The neckthrough is not a vintage look.
I prefer semi's and I have yet too see a good one with a bolt on neck, so I went neck through
Bolt ons by FAR.

Different neck joints don't necessarily add/remove sustain since you CAN'T COMPARE DIRECTLY! It's a different sound. Set necks have a smoother sound, slower attack due to all that glue.
Bolt ons have a bigger, more immediate attack and what I percieve as a more aggressivfe attack.
Neck throughs are just usually too smooth sounding for me. Not my sound.

Anybody who thinks a bolt on can't have enough sustain clearly needs better setups/guitars.
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set neck
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Bolt on for two reasons

1. can be reapaired easily
2.The only diference between a good SLH2 and a good DK2M is the neck and I am not willing to pay $1400 for a neckthrough so I like bolt on for price.
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Quote by 80sShred4TheWin
Bolt on for two reasons

1. can be reapaired easily
2.The only diference between a good SLH2 and a good DK2M is the neck and I am not willing to pay $1400 for a neckthrough so I like bolt on for price.

:¦ these are entirely different guitars, not just due to the neck joint...The DK2s are great axes but NOTHING on US Jacksons as far as overall quality goes.
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