Hello JS,

In guitarlessons I have to (well, I dont' "have" to, I want to!) compose a song by myself and my teacher provided me some backingtracks etc. to screw around with.

So here's what I came up with so far. The intro of the song I had already recorded at my teachers place so the quality of that is much better and there's also bass. Eventually I will record everything there, add bass, add drum fills and probably change the drum under the clean part of the song so it will change alot.
The song is not done yet, I still have to add a bridge section followed by a real guitar solo.

I'm asking for you people's opinions right now because I'm a bit insecure about it.. I was trying to experiment a bit but I don't know if it sounds nice to the ear, if you know what I mean.
I don't know if it's a cool song or if it should be deleted right now, haha. I can never judge stuff I make by myself so I really like some advice and honest opinions etc..

You can find the song here

Thanks alot in advance!
Im writing as i listen so here i g

i love the eerie intro that my kind of music right there, i no its building up to something

Very surfy as the title inscribes, its a cool beat and rhythm section, only things i dislike it the transition between parts but that ok its all about the song itself

which believe is sounding quite good at the moment, the clean guitars that are in use sound really nice, u might want to turn up the distorted guitar if that is possible

The composition of the actual song is quite good i believe if only it was transcribed to flowa bit more easier but thats ok

WHOAH sudden ending lol

Nice job ur teacher would like it because it a good song and the ideas are great nice job Cizzie
Okay, thank you very much guys!!

Yes, tone isn't that great, too much distortion I agree but I will record it for real at my teachers place so tone is not really important I think now same goes for the mix.

Well thanks again
Clean part : awesome
Dist part : ok
ending : like someone just pressed stop button so that needs to be changed