I've been getting into home recording and have come into a small problem. I'm playing a Jackson Dinky with EMG H4 pick ups tuned in drop C. The guitar is being ran through a Vetta 2 combo amp and then directly into my Audio Pro so I can record on my computer. All cables are monster cables. My problem is I've been getting alot of pick attack coming through in my recordings. So much to where it almost sounds like a beeping tone mixed in with my guitar sound. i've tried changing from light to heavy picks, moving my palm muting hand in different positions but that damn beeping is still there. I'm fairly sure it isn't clipping because the amp is being played at a relatively low volume. Is this a problem that most solid state amps have? Or is there something wrong with my setup? I've been thinking about getting a valve amp if this continues, but would like to making the switch if something can be done. Any ideas?
Its definitely not your amp. Ive used vetta 2's for recording and the versatility is amazing. Going to valve really wont help THAT much. Honestly, try a guitar with different pickups and a different guitar altogether. You might want to check your whole line in setup and settings. You may have it cranked to high so its peaking or something like that.
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Hmm well there are people who devote years of their life trying to get an absolutely clean pick attack. Like Nils Norberg for example. So maybe you just need to swot up...

And by that, I'm not implying that there's no use in asking here. But it's a hard question to answer since we don't know anything about your technique (and probably wouldn't understand if you'd try to describe it), so self-analysis is probably the way to go.