If I run a 'speaker out' from my amp, I'll be able to record with no effects from the toneport right? Also if I run effects pedals and stuff it'll be able to do that to, cuz I'll probably skip the amp and just use a pedal board. This might be a 'noob' question, but I'm just wondering cuz I'm thinking of buying one, but I dont' want to have to use the effects on a program. Also is there a big difference between the three models of it? Also if you think there's a better mic/guitar/bass comp recording interface (or w/e it's called) I'm open to suggestions.
Well, from my experience with the toneport you can use your own effects. I run my stuff through a Boss 864 Multi-track recorder and it all works fine. Plus with the gearbox software, you can easily lesson feedback when recording.

I have the base model, no need to spend more unless you need the extra features and effects.
If it tickles and doesn't burn, it's ok.