Im on the search for a small amp for bedroom practise as my Marshall MG i had, thankfully, has broken I'm willing to spedn up to £100, and was wondering which option would be best. I could go tube and get a 5 watter with good sound but less practise features, or solid state where there are more features at a worse quality.
im gearing towards tube as I love the tube sound and I like the sound of being able to crank the amp without becoming deaf. However, will it be verstaile enough to over the broad range of music I play? What sounds would I get with an OD pedal on top? I play Classic Rock, Indie, Alternative and I'm learning Shred, with an overdrive pedal, will a 5 watt tube be good for that?
Anyway here are my options:

Roland Cube 15
Vox AD15VT
Epiphone Valve Junior + Maybe a Boss SD-1 (Might not be able to try this out before hand though)
Peavey Nano Valve + OD of some sort
Peavey Royal 8 Valve Amp + OD
Harley Bention GA5 + A good OD like a TS9 as the amp is so cheap (I can't try out this amp however)

Feedback would be brilliant, thanks!
Also, what about the Ibanez Valbee? I tried that out once and remember quite liking it, it had a lot of gain on tap for a 5 watt amp.