I know basically nothing about Laney amps other than famous people who use them. Does anyone know anything about them or even recomend a a good high gain one to try? The style is epic metal, I use Ibanez guitars with dimarzio Evo pups and also Jackson guitars with EMG's, budget: let's just call this hypothetical, I'm just researching.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
How about the gigantic Laney thread?


i didn't even think of that
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
I'd say the TT50/100 would be your best bet judging by the epic metal.

EDIT: Although looking at your music section on your profile I reckon the VH100R might be better for you.
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I like it when Laney Amp Threads appear despite the massive thread that's almost always at the top of GG&A

But yeah, VH100R!!
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