Behold the king,
The king of kings.
On your knees,
All hail tto the king,

Bowdown to the king
Bowdown to the king

The grinned red as he walked to the palace,
Where the traitor lost both his name and face,
Through the halls anf the corridors stained in blood
The queen questioned what he had done
The king took his head, left him broken and dead

Bowdown to the king

The king left none living, unable to tell what happened that night
As he laughed at the sight
Their screams echoed loud in the palace of their death
Ripped open the lay awaiting their final breath
They hailed the king
The king of kings

Bowdown to the king

Into the dirt,
It will be done,
Now feel your fear,
There can only be one,

(From a whisper kind of tone to scream)
Bowdown to the
Bwodown to the
Bowdown to the king
Bowdown to the
Bowdown to the king

The king is here
Now i feel your fear
The king of kings,

All hail to the king
On your knees
On your knees for the king here he comes
There can only be one but who's the king?

This is my first attempt in songwriting... I meant this to be a metalish kind of sound... I want to see what you guys thought... and give me all the advise you can, so i can use it in my future lyrics.... thank you....