i won't say a word now coz you will remain the same
even if my lungs stop breathing...
it feels like heaven to have you on my shoulders...
now it's a myth coz everything i know get lost

u were such a liar
who used me and left me desperate
i tried to forget u all the ways i can
but all i seem to end up a day
all my hope meets your skin
don't go away coz i need u
but now please go coz i hate you
murder me, bury me in your lies....

tonight is the only night u could see me in your life
coz when the sun rises for tomorrow i will lay lifeless on your floor
dying means so much more to me then worthless hopes u gave
my anguish is loathing u for your love

Obviously you are liar (Oh yes, you are)
Oh yes, you are (the one that ruined my life)
i like it. i think you have a way with words.
i don't.
therefore, my comment has ended.
Cool song, but try to use proper grammar and not short hand when posting it on the Internet.
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