tone would be similar and when one guitar plays, the other gets really quiet. You both cant play at the same time because while one is playing, the other is virtually unheard.
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wont work

ive tried this and you can only get one chanal to play at once

what you need is some kind of mixer but your probable gona have to cough up some dough to the tune of about $30
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What about an A/B/Y channel selector pedal? That's what I use to connect 2 sets of pedals to the same amp and I can use either one or the other, or some from both at the same time. Ibanez has one that works excellent.
you can put two guitars into one amp, either by splitting, or with the use of a mixer.
some amps have 2 inputs and work fine.

with that said.

no you cant do that with a cube 20. the other fella was correct. when one of you plays it will cut out the other signal. the amp will be muddy and over taxed.

you can buy a used 20W amp for cheap. just buy one.

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