Used Mexican Made Black 1996 fender Stratocaster w/ a Duncan on the bridge and a Dimarzio on the neck, and Black Sperzel locking tuners for $200.


Used Mexican Made White Stratocaster purchased 2 months ago with no upgrades for $250.

When answering if you could say your reasoning that would be awesome.

Here are some pictures of the black one...

Edit: Yea getting good deals on both good them.
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Both look pretty cheap IMO, but I' say go for the one you gave pics for I suppose.
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lefthand man, i love the second quote in your sig lol

and i agree. both extremely cheap for fenders
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The black one, due to the upgrades. Upgrades are always nice.

Either way works, stratocasters rock!
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Thanks to everyone who had some input so far. Would like 2-3 more opinions, if possible, before I decide.
Black one cuz of better pickups.
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The black one, that's an absolute steal. Those pickups probably cost more than the whole guitar is selling for.
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