My stepdad was given this guitar from some guy at work who was I guess kind of old. (I never met the guy). He gave it to my sister and she gave it to me.

I myself have a guitar already (sexed up PRS SE Custom) so this guitar doesn't mean too much to me, so, if I am trying to fix it up, and on accident, I messed it up, I wouldn't care TOO much. So, I've decided as a summer project, I will fully restore this thing to EPIC STATES!

The guitar itself is a Les Paul shape, there is no brand name on the entire thing so I don't know who it is by. 0.o It has the same shape of the headstock as a Gibson... not an Epiphone or any other brands that have made a Les Paul guitar. I'll put up pics later and see if anyone knows where this monster was forged.

The pickups seem to be fairly high quality surprisingly enough. There are 2 holes where it looks like whoever drilled in the strapholder (toward the neck) and messed up I guess.

So I need to know ALL the steps to take to TOTALLY fix this thing up to 'brand new' states. I think you have to take the paint off and fill in the holes and resand it, and then repaint it or something, but that is all, and I don't know what order or the specific details of how to do what. So if you guys could help me with this whole deal, I would greatly appreciate it.
Get New Pickups And New Tuners And New Hardware And New Volume And Tone Pots And Knobs, Just Everything That Can Be Replaced Pretty Much And If It Looks Like A Les Paul And Has The Gibson Headstock It Probably Is A Gibson
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Quote by guitarisrockin
Just Everything That Can Be Replaced Pretty Much And If It Looks Like A Les Paul And Has The Gibson Headstock It Probably Is A Gibson

Appreciate that and everything but, I don't know what "Everything That Can Be Replaced" is. I don't know what all is in that bastard. And I DEFINITELY don't know what they are called. If you guys could compose an ongoing checklist of things I will need to get, (and do) to this guitar that would help, and be very specific. (Also where to buy each).
Thank you
1) Take it completely apart, all the harware pickups tuners and neck (if it's a bolt on, if it's a set neck or neck thru obviously you won't take the neck off.)
2) The tough part, sand it down to absolute bare wood, no paint at all. Be carefull on the edgres if its bound. Start with 80 grit and work your way to 220 grit.
3)fill in the holes, do not use ZAR wood filler, it SUCKS! I like minwax mixture wood filler but it's personal opinion.
4)level sand the filld in spots and then clean all of the dust off, I use mineral spirits for this
5) stain to color
6) lightly sand and clean with a tack cloth, not mineral spirits this time
7) Re stain (doing these last two steps will bring the clor out more)
8) Spray several coats of nitrocelulose laquer (like 2 1/2 cans) and let it cure 5 days at least
9) Wet sand to get rid of the orange peal effect but do it lightly and evenly
10) Use rubbing compound to get the swirl out
11) put it back together, enjoy!
www.stewmac.com has more detailed info, click on Free Information

Items needed/ sand paper grits 80-220 and waterproof paper from 600 grit to 1500
wood filler
stain, or some really good paint
nitrocellulose laquer
rubbing compound medium and fine
tack cloth
www.stewmac.com has the laquer and rubbing coumpound, any hardware store has the rest
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dont forget strings it sucks when u forget to buy new strings...

never had that problem but I do agree, that would really suck!

Edit: reread the post
you'll also need new tuners, pickups, potentiometers (volume and tone controls)
a tune-o-matic bridge, a stop bar tail piece, pickup rings, knobs for the pots, a jack, a 3 way switch, wire, and a jack plate. The web site was all of these in various styles so look around and see what you like.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
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Does it have a bolt on neck? If so, does it have a "U" on the back plate?

If those are both yes, you have a Univox Les Paul. I play one and it is fantastic. Good luck with it.
Yes-Bolt on
No writing whatsoever on the entire guitar...
I think this guy 'built it'... I only suspect this because, it looks nice and everything but it is a little "rough around the edges" if you know what I mean. Where any two points meet there is some sloppiness or unfittedness. Plus the holes where the Strap Peg is...
Does it have any serial number inside the body or underside of the neck? No serial is usually a dead giveaway for a refinished or hand built guitar.
probably one of those made in china gems!!

Seriously though, PICS!!!

I propose a New Forum Rule -

SECTION 3.4.18 - There will be No Talk of recently acquired new or used guitars that are either classics, rarities, projects or just plain boner worthy unless You Provide PICS!!

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I'M TRYING!!!!1!!eleven!
I'll get some pics up tomorrow. (god I hate uploading pictures, it takes SOOOO long)
And, I haven't taken it apart yet, so I don't know if there is any cereal boxes inside