I've got a little over $100 set aside for a delay pedal. I am willing to spend more, but I'd rather get a fairly cheap one that also (if that's even possible =P) has a nice sound. A lot of people have been swearing by Digitech, but those seem a little expensive, considering my use of it wouldn't be to excess...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
not to be a dick, but search bar. there are quite a few threads about delay pedals floating around, and most of them have a lot of good information about the pros and cons of a bunch of different pedals, so i'd start there.
Used Ibanez AD-9. Cheaper then a 100 bucks. Trumps all others in the price range.
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You could also check the site reviews. They're sometimes helpful.
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If you can find a used DL4 somewhere, that would probably be your best bet even though a used one will still be a bit out of your budget.
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if you want a cheap, basic delay then the best option is probably, nay, certainly, a used ibanez de-7.
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You could also check the site reviews. They're sometimes helpful.

not really. the reviews on this site arent all that great honestly. if you want online reviews, harmony central is probably the best place.

as for delay pedals under $100, not much comes to mind new other than an ibanez de7 or a digitech digidelay. used, you could pick up an ibanez ad-9 probably. new the ad-9 is similarly priced to the new mxr carbon copy. the boss dd-3 is just over $100 and is pretty decent as well, though id much prefer the ad-9 (love mine) or carbon copy (just from hear-say).
The Boss DD-3 is a good pedal. The other guitarist in my band has the DD-6 and they're nearly identical.


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