how can i do this chord .... the D String doesn't bring out

how can i place my fingers so it brings out the D String
Is that 024440? Kinda hard to tell from the pic.

Anyway, I would finger it...like it is in the pic. First on second fret 2nd string, 2nd,3rd+4th fingers on the 4th frets of strings 3,4,5 respectively, and make sure you're not muting the high E if you want to hear it.

The D string is a bit of a stretch, since you have to push your 1st and 2nd fingers apart quite a bit.
it might be easier to just lay your ring finger over the fourth fret instead of doing each one individually.
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you can either bar the 2nd, 3th & 4th string or just as in the picture. just practice to make sure your pinky doesn't comes beyond the fret
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Are you trying to play a B7? Is that what you mean by bringing out the D-string?
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I first learned it like in the picture, but as I progressed I started to use my ring finger across the three strings on fret 4.

I find that easier and better because I have my pinky spare for sus4 hammer ons.
I only use my pointer and pinky whilst laying pwchords. Is that wrong?
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how about 799877?
or just press your first finger on the a string and your third finger on d,g and b string.
in a situation where you want the open high E, youre better off not using bar chords.
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