I bought an Epi Valve Jr Special 5 wat combo amp not too long ago and really like it. I am playing a Epi g400 and would like to also like to play a strat in this amp in the future. i am playing through a Boss ds-1 and the distortion is great but the cleans are fairly muddy and just not that great in general. There is a gain switch and even with that down they are not that great.

Since I am looking for better tone I have a couple options: Upgrade the speaker (would like to do this sooner than later), Upgrade the tubes (Not in a rush since the guy added new tubes before I bought it (Not sure on what kind), Some sort of mod kit, and lastly consider new pick-ups for my G400.

I'm looking for a basic classic rock tone as thats mostly what I play (a little punk and other random stuff too). i am looking for good cleans/distortion through my G400 and hopefully single coils too. I have heard of two speakers that are popular replacements for this amp: Clestion Tube 10's and Eminence Copperheads. If i only replace the sepaker is that liekly to give me enough change to get rid of those muddy cleans and make them glassier or should i consider a mod too?

Any comments, suggestions, recommendations, anything just reply! Mostly looking for recommendtions related to a good 10" replacement speaker that is close to $100, a good mod kit that won't cost me an arm and a leg, and pickup suggestions.

Thanks in advance.