ok i know how to read tabs through and through but im always stumped by the R. i know it stands for rest but ehat is that wanting me to do?

btw im self taught or else i would ask a music teacher.

There is probably a bunch of meanings for it. But specifically if you have an example I could probably help.
example, in part of yyz by rush (btw im a bassist)

what does it meen by rest? is it a special somthing on the string or do i just not strum? btw next time read the first post it states that i knew that.
Rest means that you don't do anything and make sure your strings are quiet for any rest.
As in Back in Black by AC/DC you would play Emin for a quarter note,
then don't play for two quarter notes,
then play Dmaj (8th notes) 3 times (two strums to end the measure and 1 to begin the next measure.)
Rest basically means there is nothing being played, ie: quietness.
You just need to make sure the strings aren't producing soung when a rest in indicated in tab or music.
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