I don't care if anyone takes this seriously, sometimes I like reading true life stories in the pit, maybe someone will have an idea, similar story, or a witty remark, i don't really care, i just thought it was cool personally...

this happened a few days ago, maybe someone will be able to figure this out...

I have a completely random dream where i'm at school and I'm drawn out by some beeping:

Beep Beep Beep Beeeep Beeeep Beep Beep


. . . - - . . in morse code.

Honestly, i don't remember the exact sequence, but I remember it had a few dots, and then 2 or so dashes, I remembered it a few days ago but anyways....

As I'm driving to school on the radio my ears perk up as I hear "...dot dash dot dot dash, b: dash dash dot dot dot, or c: dot dot dot dash dash dot dot" I said out loud "I bet its 'c' " and then the radio says "and the answer is c" and then the program went on but I got kinda freaked out.

for those who may have a solution that involves this:
a) I didn't have a radio on in my sleep, or at all before I got in the car
b) I had NO relations with morse code from what I can remember, i didn't make up the dream in my mind after I heard it on the radio
The only thing i can tell about the future is that this thread will fail.
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this is what we call coincidence

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Its just deja vu.
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coincidence...., but how coincidental can it be, morse code dream and that very day morse code question with the same sequence.

maybe deja vu, in the dream i broke into some teachers office because i thought it was coming from there, its a teacher ive never spoken to, talked to, or had in a class, halfway through the dream he changed into some old guy talking about philosophy. that teacher hasn't been to school all week...


You only noticed it cos it's a coincidence. Really, it's a bit like saying "OMG, I saw my mum in a dream and then saw her in real life the next morning! OMGOMGOMG I MUST BE PSYKICK!"
^ Odds of seeing your mom in a day are about 100% if you live at home (I assume this person does), therefore its not the same.
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Your chances of choosing the right answer were 33%, so I don't think this is something to be excited about.

but what are the chances that that exact same answer would be the same as his dream? its a 33% chance of him guessing right if the answer is there, but the odds are insignificant that the answer would even be there, I think, i don't know **** about morse code.
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my ears perk up as I hear

I believe you are a dog, and as we all know, animals can tell when bad weather is coming. Thats good enough evidence...so yes, you can tell the future. Well done.

well, C /is/ the universal answer.
I heard this story of this guy who had no experience with morse code before and got full marks in it for his RAF entrance exam. He spoke to a medium and claimed he was a pilot. Probbly BS, but I thought I'd share it.

On a lighter note my mum got a fortune cookie in a chinese restruant once, and it said 'You will find happiness in a new job.' She goes to the waiter "That's wierd because I'm starting a new job in a few days..." Then the waiter goes "Yea! Sometimes they work sometimes they don't."

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Maybe your coincidence will make more sense
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uuuuu deja vu its like the dream I had where my dog was killed and the next day boom an 12 wheels truck end whit his life I always have dead dreams..
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I had a dream about learning German where the teacher was standing in front of the class with a clock. It just happened yesterday in real life

When i had this dream I lived on the other side of the country, had no idea that I'd be taking German, and had never seen the teacher in my life.

Things like this happen once every few months.
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Woah, that reminds me of one occasion...

I had a dream that my mom got raped, my dad died, and my animals tortured while I was slowly getting my penis ripped of by a rusty chain.

Thank god it didn't come true...