Hey. New-ish guitarist here. Been playing 8 months or that, getting a new guitar, Dean Michael Schnecker Standard, or however it's spelt.

Eitherway, I play a lot of punk, rock and metal.. And I was wondering what pick-ups I should buy for my new axe after I get my greedy hands on it.

Any help appretiated, thanks.

I'd stick with the stock pickups for a while, depending on the amp you're using....which brings me to my first question: What amp do you have?
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My amp, is useless, I use Crate Amps in the recording studio with my band, mostly.
My amp is a sound city piece of s***.
What kind of Crate amp are you using in the studio?

I wouldn't worry about pickups so much because the amp itself is what creates a majority of your tone. Not saying that pickups can't fine tune or change your tone in anyway, but it won't be as significant as getting a better amp.

Crap guitar through a good amp will sound pretty decent.

Good guitar through a crap amp, will sound pretty much like a crap amp.
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I couldn't tell you, but it's massive. I just heard somewhere that the pickups with the guitar aren't that great. It's not set in stone if I'll replace them though.
Ok well hold off on the pickup upgrade until you can get your hands on a better amp. The amp is more important for your overall sound.
Genius may have its limitations; stupidity is not thus handicapped.
if you hate your amp then why are you going for new pickups?
get a new amp
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Ah, yeah, that was quite a stupid mistake from my part... I see your logic. I usually play through a pedal, but even then, it's still useless.