Quick i will buy a cort evl k-4 for 425 dollar tommorrow what you say about it for the price there may be ****ing awesome guitars in your country for this price but im in turkey and things are different cort is cheap... so what you say about this guitar tried in a shop with the same amp i have a ibanez 10 watt and it was pretty good i will buy a roland cube 20x or something in near future so what you say about this guitar quick please=)=)
cort makes terrific guitars.

the evl k-4 has the EMG HZ's, and a lot of people don't like them. there are soundclips on cort's website.

i would personally go for the evl z-6, as it's a hardtail and has emg 81/60 pups.
you mean good or bad by terrific xD? cos in the dict. it says very beautiful and horrible at the same time xD xD... and i liked the sound even with a 10 watt amp. and also probably the best alternative would be the ibanez infinity 3-4 pickups in that price range =) so emg hz is worse than them?
Good. I've never tried them however
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