well, hello guys it's the first time i'm here, so i've got kind of a question
i've put elixirs for electric on my acoustic, yeah i love the sound (don't like the bronzy one, i was searching for a mellow nylonish sound)
i've got some tuning problems
my G string comes out of tune constantly, having any suggestions? it's no slippage 100%

sry for my english, i hope i'm understandable enogh
yeah i have electric strings on mine, and honestly, it blows with them, it was sooo much better with bronzez on it. crank bronze no lie.
top 7 bands to see before i die

sublime (seen)
nirvana (seen 2 times)
the beatles (seen)
jimi hendrix (seen)
bob marley (got tickets)
the doors (buying tickets soon)
frank sinatra
creed (seen 9 times)
ray charles (seen)
well if i only didnt like the electric's tone, but i do like it, i told i dont like bronze - i need the mellower tone

maybe should i buy a single G string for acoustics?