Poll: What Do u Play At Gigs?
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only covers
1 3%
only originals
3 9%
both: mostly covers
3 9%
both: mostly originals
25 78%
Voters: 32.
Both, but mostly covers at the moment as we are a relatively new band.
Both. A cover usually brings the crowd in with something familiar and then you have the crowds' attention for your originals .
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i only use origionals for a few reasons. 1) people will think you suck when you cover a song becase it dosnt meet standards. they no wat the origional sounds like and they will hang you if you kill the song. 2) origionals are more fun 3) origionals are good because say someone starts singing the chorus of you song they heard at your gig. someone will ask or say "isnt that ____" or theyll say "what song is that" and that person will say your bands name, not someone elses. covers are fun to play in a garage, not a gig
You need to play a few covers live when you're a starting up bad because no one'll know your songs and they'll get bored.

A few carefully selected covers will win the crowd over, I once saw a band cover the Arther theme tune and suddenly the whole room was singing along to a band that no one had heard of and who weren't from around here. Turned a decent set into an awesome one.