Hey, my friend asked me to post here with a few questions.
Firstly, he's contemplating buying a new amp and would like some recomendations. He plays mostly alternative/punk/post-rock type stuff but has a Pod Xt-Live which should sort him out for the most part tone wise. As he put it himself he "justs wants something to make me loud".

His next question relates to volume. Now I have a 30-watt tube Laney VC30 which is sh!t loud...too loud really considering during band practice I have it at about 1 or 2 and so I'm not getting the full use. I was thinking that surely 15 watt all tube would be enough for practice, partys and small/mid sized gigs considering that 15 watts would be more than half as loud as my Laney which, at 1, is loud enough for practice, right?

He's on a budget of about EUR400 (not great, I know but sufficient). I recommended a laney LC15 (http://www.thomann.de/ie/laney_lc15_gitarrencombo.htm) which seems like a decent choice.

Any help would be much appreciated,
That'd be great. Not to mention Laneys are just overall awesome as well.
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