I have the toneport UX1 and I'm pretty satisfied. A good deal of sweet tones coming out of it
For straight recording, the firewire behringer will be better. The issue is whether or not you have good amp modeling stuff on your system such as guitar rig and amplitube. If you have those, you really don't need the gearbox software with the toneport.
Ok, if I get it right the Behringer is better quality when recording, but no "amp" is included? The Line6 Tuneport GX isn't as good quality, but includes an "amp" program?
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As for interfaces, you're right about the Behringer and Toneport. It's up to you to figure out what precisely you want...are you just doing guitar, or do you plan on singing too?
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I just dont trust behringer for recording gear but have had some time on a Toneport. I didnt like the tone I got with Gearbox but when I had the interface working it sounded fairly good. I would say the GX is good for the price and with MF having a big sale its well worth it.

The toneports are only 1.1 USB so they are a little slow but they do have a nice low latency monitor setup.

IMO, firewire is only important when using more than two mono inputs at the same time since any USB unit will mix everything into one output. I would say the USB toneport would be just fine for your home use.
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