Heya pit, I have a request...I need a plan for tomorrow...

Alrighty, back story. I go to college in California (Cal Poly for those who are curious) and tomorrow is "Open House". Basically it's a few days where high-school kids who are looking at going to Cal Poly come and have a wonderfully insightful weekend and learn about their major and stuff. Tomorrow night is the big night where the college sets up a ton of games and gives out free pizza to basically anyone who shows up (They require you to have a sticker with your major on it, but people wander around handing them out to whoever will take one)

So I need a plan...I'm thinking about showing up to the open house festivities **** faced wasted (I'd go high but I'm saving for Sunday :-)

So, any other ideas?

EDIT: Anyone else currently attending Cal Poly?
Go in completely naked with a dead sheep under your arm, show them who's the life of the town.

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1. Hire 2 of the dirtiest hookers you can find for arm candy.

2. Buy/Rent a bright green suit with a purple hat that has a feather in it, the longer the better.

3. Walk around and introduce yourself as Alumni.

4. ???????

Is it a bad thing if one of your testicles is larger then the other two?
Rent a mirror ball suit, and if you have long hair, spike it all up, every bit of it, really high. Then just march around the place talking only in metaphors and riddles.
Hmmm, I myself would probably go in moderately under the influence, and then get wasted as the evening proceeds.

Might get you laid.
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hook up with one of those 16/17 year old hotties.....those always do you good ;-)

Lol, a friend of mine said he would pay me $5 for each one over this weekend