I've been playing around with different amps, and as my ear for tone is getting better, I've found the cleans on my JCM800 2204 to be pretty dead. Almost Dual Rectifier-ish. From their reputation, and what I hear on Youtube, it seems like their cleans are supposed to be on the higher end of 'good but not amazing', and mine sounds nothing like it. It's also not very responsive to picking dynamics like it's supposed to be. The DSL kicks this things ass, somehow. Now mine is modded (and the modder did a crappy looking job, but i got the head for pretty cheap so I didn't mind), so I'm guessing that might have something to do with it.

Anyway, I'm toying with the idea of selling the 2204 and going for a stock 2205. The Youtube clips sound great. They seem to be held in high regard, though some people say they are slightly less ballsy then the 2204. The reverb and the additional channel would be really nice. What are the two channels like? Is the first channel mainly for cleans with the second channel for overdrive, or is it just like the one regular channel on the 2204 with the 2nd channel for gain above and beyond that?