This is a song my band is gonna start working on in the coming weeks. This is the recording that we will use to demonstrate the song to the other guys. Give it a listen and check us out. This song has a little bit of something for everyone.

The song is "Lareneg"

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Im writing as im listening so hear i go

Straight in to it with a good riff and vocals with what sound a tad of distortion on him

some of the riffs that are used underthe vocals sound really cool and they change quickly

Its had a little break down before returning to the main riff which sound good,

The structure and composition of the song is well thought out, and its not commonly used a structure like this as each section was hard to understand what part of the song it was but this is a good thing.

The octaves that are used in probably the third chorus sound really good, gets u swaying as it stands out and is really powerful at the same time well down

The two counter melodies during the solo is a good idea they worked well together

woah sudden ending lol

Overall this genre is not my cup of tea but i no a good quality recording and song when i hear it and u guys did a very good job on this well done
Woah - Nice stuff. Cool Riffs. Pretty good tone. Mixing and vocals are also nicely done.
I really like this song - keeps on moving. Only thing would be i guess would that the bass seems abit low to me personally. It is definitely structurally different but it keeps it interesting. The leads really fit into it. Like the outro solo alot.

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