I was watching Gandhi today and got to wondering, what are the people of Pakistan's thoughts on him? I mean I know that there is a lot of animosity between Hindus and Muslims, so I was wondering if he is as revered in Pakistan as in India, or looked at as a good footnote, or if his contributions are somewhat ignored?
I thought he was cool.

I've heard lots of people say, "If I weighed 100 lbs like ghandi did, I'd be a pacifist too".

I kinda wish he was still around...
well there are 2 schools of thought here...well actually there are the some people who believe he was a great guy but from the majority of pakistan I would say they dislike him if not hate him..

oh btw. im indian but I have quite a lot of pakistani friends who're not afraid to voice out their opinions heh
I weigh 100 lbs like Ghandi and I AM a pacifist

I also got almost his exact dot on this political test

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