hey ug folks

i have a problem...i've been worrying about it for a couple months now, it's kind of to do with my groin area specificallymy penis....there are hairs growing out of the bell end....am i just a horrible freak or am i going through a tough stage of puberty?

please help,

Holy ****! Castration!!!

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I remember my first erection. I went to my dad and was like "Do I have Aids???". I seriously thought there was something wrong with me.

Did you sign up just to ask us that? O.o
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Vagina's tend to be not all that great looking most of the time. It's all... flappy. Looks sloppy.

I'd have to say guy junk wins but not by much. It's like winning a beauty contest against Steve Buscemi.
Never had that happen....

Are you uncircumcised? Are they growing from the foreskin or the actual head?

Best of luck, I'd go see a doctor.
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Are you circumcised? If not, understandable. If you are then HOLY ****ING **** THATS GROSS!!!
Sounds like it might be cancer......

sorry dude
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is that even possible?
Yes it is..
you most likely have aidz.
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