Kind of ashame they went to total crap after Chris left. The Crimson Idol was ok but over indulgent. That said, I was never fond of Inside the Electric Circus, which had Chris on it either. Somebody to Love from Still Not Black Enough is good, but everything else just got worse for me.
Saw W.A.S.P. about 2 months ago. They were very tigfht as they played the entire Crimson Idol album. It was my First W.A.S.P. concert and I heard Blackie was nuts but he just said ''Thanks For Coming''. I wish they would come out and do encores like ''On Your Knees'', ''Animal'', and ''Widowmaker'', ect.
I live on Long Island They were at a place called the Crazy Donkey there were about 200-250 people I think.
Always been a HUGE W.A.S.P. fan. Pretty much have everything they've ever done. Seen them twice live. I can credit them for me getting into 'metal' I was into hard rock, but walking along a friend and I found a cassette tape in the street and decided to give it a listen. We were hooked instantly. Although I can tell you this, Blackie is an unbelievable asshole. Met him before the Crimson Idol tour (when it came out) here in Minneapolis. Johnny Rod was pretty cool though. Funny Blackie is tall as hell. Rod is a little guy.
I just got into them recently, got W.A.S.P and The Last Command, and they're awesome
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i love w.a.s.p!
defintly one of my favourite bands

sadly ive missed seeing them twice because i didnt wanna go myself.
next time..........im WELL going myself lol
Top lel.