ec-500 hands down....
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go with the esp, signature guitars suck
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I would recomend a Jackson
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i'd say the ESP
although the Jim Root tele looks badass
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I almost threw up when I saw that Jim Root guitar. Tele's ARENT FOR METAL! You could use one for Metal, but if that's mainly what yoiu play, you should get a dedicated guitar!

Either the ESP or a low end Ibanes S series
the j5 looks the best in my opinion... and could be an all-rounder for your needs
the j5 tele looks great. The bridge humbucker should easily cover rock and probably metal. The neck tele pickup should be great for country
The J5 reminds me of the old telecaster plus that Jonny Greenwood uses.


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The J5 would cover all that you mentioned and seems the most versatile out of the three. The other two seem to lean more towards the heavier side of the spectrum, and although I like the EMGs, not sure exactly how they'd sound for country.
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I would go with the LTD EC-400VF. It's got a Duncan JB/59 set, which will be a bit more versatile than the EMG set in the EC-500.
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J5.... easy decision.
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Id say go for a jackson or ESP...both great makes

I've got an ESP myself....ESP LTD M-200FM, had it for over a year ive had NO problems and the sounds ALWAYS been sexy


but in a different colour....mines in blackish purple...the qualitys amazing for the price, great low action, stays in tune. ive got EMG pickups in mine though
out of those...


Dunno really. The EC looks like it gives the most back for the buck, but those teles are like made of awesomeness too...
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