Any of you guys do that BMX crazy trick sport stuff? I've got a few friends who do and I might take that up to do over the summer so I don't get any fatter and whiter.... Tips? Suggestions? Comments?
Mountain bikes here. Buying myself a kids bike tomorrow though.
Tips, wear a helmet, buy a decent-ish starter bike and stick at it.
i BMX race and freestyle.
An important tip is like a guitar get a bike that feels best to you!
and falling is a good thing it means that your trying hard!
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Stick at it. When you fall down, get back up. Grow some balls. I don't BMX anymore but on my first day of riding I tried jumping the doubles xD

and To be fair.. I nearly made it
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Be sure to get a mongoose from kmart

One of mine is a Mongoose!
Although the others do bring the standard up some.
Rocky Mountain, ZOO! and Azonic.