I wrote this simple song, and i figured i'd ask ya'll for your opinions. I know the vocals are not great, but they are what they are. C4C


hello there
how are you today
there are a few things i'd like to say
to you
how would you like
to get away with me

lets get on a train
and head for the farthest place
that we can go
dont let anybody know
we'll start over
new lives together

They didnt think
that we'd make it this far
we proved them wrong
we've made it through
heaven and hell
now i just want to be with you

Just you and me
living happily
im listening as i am writing

The open chord structure sounds nice, very basic but the vocal melody on top sound nice,

Ur vocals are a bit flat but hey who cares ur getting ur point across

Back to the verse , scuffle little mistake jk its all good i like that progress in the verse a lot actually it sounds really nice nice job

Nice basic song stucture verse chorus verse chorus bridge chours but like i said i no its really about the lyrics, Ur GF im guessing ??

overall its a good little song, u can keep it simple still but it would be cool to hear a whole band performance like , drums and a bass thats all what i mean

nice job man