I'm looking for a bass amp that can give me a very low tone, kinda like the bass drum that when you hear it, you feel it in your chest. Does anyone know of a bass amp/effect/setting that can allow me to do this?
putting it simply, boost the left side of your EQ up more than the right.

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You will feel a loud bass amp more in your stomach. Getting a kick drumish tone would be hard because a kick is a really stacatto hit compared to a note or phrase on a bass. Read thefitz's blog on EQ. What type of amp do you have?

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putting it simply, boost the left side of your EQ up more than the right.

Basically. If it's a 2 or 3 band EQ the settings are pretty easy, but if it's over 5 it's a bit more complex.
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I've got a behringer 1800 something and its got an on-board eq thing

Ok I think that's the one with the 7 band EQ. Mine is the 450. It has 5. I do something like +2 0 -2 0 +2. Pretty much stretch this out for yours. +2 ish on the left and right and form the V shape in the middle. That gives me the best tone, but it may be too much treble for your needs. If so, flatten out the right half.
if your looking for that "boom" found in alot of hip-hop music, thats not a bass. even when playing through decent amps, the bass on it's own, does not produce a percussive boom. thats the kick drum. the kick drum gives the bass "impact", the bass gives the kick drum, tone. it takes both to get a boom sound, or a synth.