Name the type, brand, and price, and amp that you use it in

Mullard EL34 re-issue (New Sensor)--- +/-35 (duet on eBay) Traynor YCV50Blue
JJ EL84 (for lower wattage amps), and Sylvania 6CA7 (for higher wattage amps).

Yes, that's right. I actually own a bundle of the famous 6CA7's.
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Mullard El-34 ftw
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JJ El84's.
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Fender American Deluxe HSS Strat
Chicago Blues Box Roadhouse
Bad Cat Cougar 5
1957 Gibson GA-5
Ceriatone 18w TMB Combo
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Various Ibanez TS9s
Weber MASS Attenuator
Tads el84
Tom Anderson Hollow Classic
72 thin line tele

Barber trifecta fuzz
Mi audio Crunch Box
Clyde Wah
Barber Burn Unit
Ocean efx Texas deuce
Boomerang chorus delay
Barber ltd

1971 Pro reverb
Fender acoustasonic
Fender super champ xd