Cannonball cover in my profile

Tell me what you think, and suggested improvements please.

Thanks you very much in advance, and of course, crit for crit

I enjoyed that!

you've got a very pleasant sounding voice

for srs.

Rhythm seemed to get thrown out somewhere towards the end before the outro but it didn't ruin it.

Good recording but I had to turn up my speakers a tad for it to be listenable..

Nice work, good sir.

I approve!
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It sounds good and all, the rhythm could be more solid, but it's pretty good.

You got a really good voice, i can hear a lot of potential in it. But since you're just starting, here are some good habits to get into, learn to breathe, and get as much air as possible in your diaphragm, that way, you don't use your nose to sing. check out some youtube videos on breathing excercises, they'll help. It'll help you learn to control your voice. Most beginners neglect the importance of breathing, but if you take the time to learn how to, you'll end up sounding great after a few years of experience.