I need pickups from Seymour Duncan or ESP that are good for metal. I was thinking the Seymour Duncan Blackouts Metal AHB-2 , I want dual humbuckers in my guitar at bridge and neck. I wanted to ask if I should get these, if I should, where I should put this pairm whether I should get 2 of them or 1 of them and another humbucker...etc


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don't just limit to one brand check out dimarzios.
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Do you want active or passives ?
The blackouts are active and won't sound great on a SS amp. If you have an SS amp maybe look into a seymour duncan JB or custom custom for the bridge and maybe a 59 for the neck.
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To to above poster, I have active pickups in my guitars and a solid state amp, and getting a really good sound through it.

Up to you about the sound you want, unfortunately you can't try something like this before you buy, don't limit yourself to one brand, check out what others are doing with similar guitars to yours, and see how they sound.
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