You rise from the ground,
So the whole world can see,
Just how beautiful you are to be,
My red, red rose you are the one,
Who will justify all that is wrong.

Be as dangerous as beautiful,
Show me what you want and
I will retrieve,
My love for you, you will see,
Your eyes will open,
My perfect rose will bloom
And bring an end to a certain doom.

Thorns tipped with a poison,
That doesn't kill,
But you would rather die,
These thorns are tipped with a love,
That would make you cry,
Even the perfect rose,
Knows no such thing as perfect love.

My rose, petals so soft
And your scent, divine,
Now that I've lost you,
I can't stop crying,
I was a weed that loved a rose,
Now I sink back to the ground,
And I hope I'll never be found.

My perfect rose,
As soon as I turned my back,
You turned from red to black,
Took my heart and drove in your thorns,
And poisoned me with your lies of love,
Lies all lies!!
How could you do that to me??
You can't have my love anymore
Your alone,
Will wither away,
My perfect rose,
In the wind you will sway...........Alone!!!!

Let me know what you think of this people...please. Thanks!!