i 'd like to know.
please don't flame me.

after reading numerous guitar threads about how **** mgs are and how noisy they are i understand they are ****, and i think i know what noise is.
explain though please.
In its most simple form, a noise gate allows a signal to pass through only when it is above a set threshold: the gate is open. If the signal falls below the threshold no signal is allowed to pass: the gate is closed. A noise gate is used when the level of the 'signal' is above the level of the 'noise'. The threshold is set above the level of the 'noise' and so when there is no 'signal' the gate is closed. A noise gate does not remove noise from the signal. When the gate is open both the signal and the noise will pass through.

Basically, that hum you get from your guitar and amp, it removes it. Or should. ISP Decimator Noise Gate is the best for its price.
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They make the guitar silent when you don't touch it. It takes a lot of the feedback away.
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A noise gate is a pedal that reduces extra feedback from other pedals.
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Kills... feedback, hiss, hums, Radio stations, some pops and crackles, excessive gain noise, kills noise inbetween chords or notes that are not being plucked.. it does it all