Ok, so I have a pretty old 20 gig iPod, and when I turn it on now, it gives me a picture of an iPod with x's for eyes and a frown, with a support url at the bottom. Well of course the url doesn't do jack skippity crap for me, so what advice do you guys have on fixing it. (I'm not gonna buy a new one quite yet.)
New one, if it's old the warranty is gone. Happened to my new Classic. Had to return it.
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yeah it means something is reallyw rong with your ipod.
your better off just buying a new one.

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I had an iPod Photo that did that to me.
After a month of not being able to turn it on, I threw it against the wall a couple of times.
Didn't fix it, but it was great fun.
Thing is, my friends little brothers friends is some crazy gadget kid and he managed to open it up and fix it somehow. It now works (only after I bought an 80G Classic)

So yea.
Beat it up a little then give it to a nerd?

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