Ok, I know licensed floyd roses are the cheap version of the "holy" Original floyd rose. I know OFR's last longer stay in tune better yadayada... but I havn't been able to find why the OFR is so much better. They say if your replacing a LFR with a OFR it's just a "drop in" replacement.

So obviously (in my knowledge) it seems like it would be the locking system on the bridge idk. Anyways a lot of people on here could probably write books about these things but ya I was just looking for some insight.

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I know OFR's last longer stay in tune better yadayada...

Well some lfrs dont stay in tune too good (some are great) and imagine having to tune (unlock nut, ect) after a couple divebombs. Iv played with absolutly amazing lfrs tho, so dont hate on them.
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The issue is that LFRs tend to be made of cheaper materials so they don't hold up as well as an OFR.