pretty awesome. everything, cept vocals. honestly, id drop the vocals altogether until you guys find someone good. it sound real professional for the instrumentals and then BAM, as soon as the singing comes in, it goes down to amateur.
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i love the music, extremely insane for your age, but the vocals are just too... idk, high pitched? just not my taste. and i dont like dragonforce either but that has nothing to do with your music. lol, if i were to rate your music from 1 to 10, it would be an 8. because of your age.
i dont normally like that sorta stuff, but you guys actually were pretty good. i didnt think the singer was too bad either. not as bad as blair30 thought atleast.
Not bad....Chin is great with Protest the Hero covers haha...tell him to sign up and submit some damn tabs

But as for your band, the guitar work is kinda predictable and gets generic. The vocals i like better, but he could still improve.
****ing good, at least for your age. And I don't find the singing bad, it fits very well with the music. The guitarist(s) is incredible. Brought You The End is bloody awesome. With some decent production, it's a potential single.
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sounds a lot like escape the fate to me. i like it a lot.
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sounds a lot like escape the fate to me. i like it a lot.
How does it sound like escape the fate
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I liked the vocals, its not my style of music, but it is good.

Very good recorded where did you record it¿
Thanks a lot. We actually did it in this guys basement :P. He has a pretty sick studio though.
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Edit: That said, the music is exceptional considering the age.
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not bad,really. 'cept for the vocals, but perhaps it's quite normal being so high-pitched at 15
I thought the vocals were actually pretty good, until he tried the scream/growling thing.
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