Hi all!
The title pretty much sums it up. I am 25 years old and have always thought of learning to play the guitar. Something has recently happened in my life that has made me decide to go from thinking to doing. So for all of you pros and semi-pros out there: what are my chances. I do realize that it will require a lot of dedication and passion to learn on my part. I was just wandering if at some point the fingers loose their flexibility or something that would make it very hard if not impossible for someone to master the guitar. Any advise or insights will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Yeah dude, its never to late, im 15 and teaching my dad! its a good experience and if you need any advice on which guitar just ask!
Age is really irrelevant. Go for it dude.
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My dad retired when he was 48 and decided he wanted to learn guitar. He's now 52 and is so glad he made the decision. He plays mainly acoustic stuff like The Eagles and James Taylor and loves the feeling of accomplishment from learning a new song. It's never to late to do something, as long as you have passion and dedication towards it you'll learn it and love it.
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As everybody else said, age doesn't matter. Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest didn't pick up the guitar until he was 21, now look at him, he's a metal icon.
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yeah man its never to late to start, i started when i was 16, go give it a try man!!!
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WOW! Thanks everyone. Did not expect so many responses so soon. I guess now it is time to figure out what kind of guitar i wanna be playing, buy the guitar, and start learning. I'm probably gonna be back soon with more questions.
Thanks again!
Its such a cool thing that your willing to learn, i hope im still even thinking about guitar at 25. I wish my dad had learned guitar and taught me when i was young. As many times as you hear it, it remains true, its never to late to learn guitar. Dont get bogged down with the thought about dedication either, after a while you'll just want to play guitar all the time. The hardest part is pretty much the first year of playing, thats me but its different for everyone. Anyway dude, one day when you have a kid you'll be able to teach him guitar at an earlier age, thats how it goes.
My dad never learned to drive a car until he was almost 30. So I see no reason why you can't pick up a guitar at 25. You'll be fine, dude.


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Goodluck, you can basically get any question answered here. Don't be afraid to ask, if other people are like me then they will be willing to help you, and enjoy it.

Don't quit, keep at it. It will be hard at first but playing guitar is one of the best things you can do.
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WOW! Thanks everyone. Did not expect so many responses so soon. I guess now it is time to figure out what kind of guitar i wanna be playing, buy the guitar, and start learning. I'm probably gonna be back soon with more questions.
Thanks again!

Yeah what ze metal said. Anyway if you could give us a budget estimate, music interest, etc we can help you with the guitar and amp decisian as well.
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the only "obstacles" that stand before you are hardily physical or mental, rather, they are usually limitations that bind you by time. It's more likely that you'll have increased responsibility as you age, and so your potential free time is reduced. With that being said however, there's nothing keeping you from learning to play the instrument fluidly, you just need to conserve and concentrate your time for maximum results.
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look at Les Paul he is 91 and playing steady gigs you can do it
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Like all the others have said already, GO FOR IT!!! You seem to have passion man, and that's the most important thing you need. Don't let anything stop you. Now go and make yourself proud.
yea man, go for it. it's never too late to start guitar, some people start from their 40's on. 25 is a young age. good luck!!

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Im 33 and have just begun learning to play. Having a rough time of it and it is a really slow go but I am having fun. That is what it is all about right? Learning a lot from these forums.
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It will take longer to get to the same level as someone who started early and played the same number of years, but you will get there eventually. Just have fun and don't give up too quickly I started at 19 too, and I play better than some friends who have been playing since they were 14.
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I'm 31 and I just had my 2nd lesson last night. Last year I bought the guitar and then fumbled around for a few months on my own and made virtually no progress. Now that I'm taking lessons, I'm much more focused and able to enjoy it. If you make the decision to do it, I'd strongly recommend that you take lessons instead of try to learn on your own. While some people are capable of learning on their own, that weekly motivation is a big help, plus having the instructor point out what I'm doing wrong is essential for me. By taking lessons, it also forces me to work on the things I'm worst at instead of constantly re-doing the things I'm better at.

Plus, I enjoy the lessons. I look forward to going, and I enjoy my time during the lesson. That alone makes it well worth it to me, even if I never become a great guitarist.
Well you made a good choice to start playing! A friend of mine got me into rock music about 2 years ago and that fueled my desire lo learn electric guitar. I am just now starting to learn and I am getting pretty good with the basics and its been only a week. I am 31 and so yea like everyones saying I dont think age has anything to do with it unless you have arthritis but since your 25 ill take it that you dont. Go for it and godspeed man!
You might be better off starting at 25 than you would have been at say 15. You'll be able to focus more on the task at hand without all those pesky hormones getting in the way of your thought processes...every minute....of every day. But I still wish I was a teen again!
Ofcourse you can start. you will probably be more focused on playing at this later stage in your life anyway.

Plus it's always good fun!
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I'm 51, got the bug last year. Tried learning myself, hit a wall. First lessons i tried went nowhere, teacher wouldn't get into theory or answer questions about chords or scales, just wanted to play what he felt like that day. Found a new teacher, this guy is good. Helped me alot with scales, chords, and got into theory.
Start playing! I was asking the same thing last year when I was 15. Don't regret playing at all, was (and still is) worth the time and effort. Just do your research BEFORE buying your first gear setup. Don't make the mistake I did of walking into a guitarcenter and picking out whatever the sales attendant recommended. I'm sure people here would be more then happy to help, just post your budget (per item. IE $200 guitar, $150 amp) and your favorite style of music and bands.
Well, I'm 28 and have just picked up the bass for the first time. I have small hands, so that's an issue, but the main problem I have is time. Work keeps getting in the way!

It was a big life changing thing that made me go from wanting to doing as well. No regrets so far.
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I've been playing since I was 6 and I am 36 now.

I play every week at some local clubs/restaurants and I'm pretty decent, but that's not the point.

my real job is in an office setting and my boss, a married woman with 2 kids, said she wished she knew how to play and could share it with her kids when they are old enough.

over 5 years later, she is an amazing guitar player; she is 39 now.

...it's never too late
any age is good to learn how to play an instrument. just go for it man
Probably have to work a bit harder then a 5 year old but on the other hand...
Things like theory is easier then learning that to a 5 year old

so why not?
Some great guitarists started at there 15th and stuff
Do you have fingers?If so,you can.
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