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18 35%
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Voters: 52.
What brand of guitar is best for metal?
In a day I'll close this poll and then do a vote between guitars from the chosen brand.
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There is no "best brand" or w/e. its really a matter of opinion

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jackson has that metal feel more than any other, but only sounds good with mecha distortion. ibanez has the feel (not as much, but still good) AND and overall good sound. ibanez FTW
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dinky, rhoads, king, warrior, soloist.

it doesnt get much more metal than those
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ibanez is ut of the question, dont even consideer it

Thank you that, my friend
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Anything that has the neck for your hands so you can play fast comfortably and the right pickups to get the tone you're after. Could be anything from a Fender Strat to a Gibson Les Paul or an Ibeenhad ( Ibanez ) Look around, theres no set brand
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I'd say ESP has the best in terms of variety of guitar and solid quality, along with a great track record of artists who swear by them. They have a custom shop that's hard to compare to as well, some of the guitars they crank out are bizarre. I really like the feel of Ibanez, but that's like saying you like ass sex around here, so I'll just leave it at that. Bunch of haters.
Schecter or ESP. EVERYBODY uses ibanez and or jackson.
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You have a good amp and/or effects, and it doesn't matter much. I knew a guy who got this real crushing tone out of a Tele. It didn't look metal, but it sure sounded metal. But generally, your HH guitars, or HSH's, are gonna be the choice of the new metal generation. It really comes down to your playing style, what feels comfortable in your hands, etc and so forth.


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there is no such thing as a perfect metal guitar.....

BUT, there is the guitar that you like and that you want to play, which also is your favorite guitar and favorite guitar brand!

.....that's what matters the most!

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First Act are definitely the best.
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I vote ESP's, only because most metal bands i like use em. Doesnt really count though, oh well.

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fender ?!
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First Act are definitely the best.


I am going with ESP.
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talk to the guys from maiden or fast eddie clarke and they'll say fender strat....the guitar feel is only one part... the pick ups , amp, pedals all integral
Play each brand's guitar in your price range. Then decide. IMHO, I like ESP and Jackson the most due to their well-shaped necks.
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Where's Gibson, Fender, Hamer or at the other brands that I actually like for metal?
Its all preference but Jackson is the best and PRS is pretty good for metal
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